The Orthodox Anglican Church is the North America jurisdiction of the Orthodox Anglican Communion, a global movement of Christians committed to the historic faith in the Anglican tradition. In the United States the member congregations worship using the 1928 Book of Common Prayer.

St. Andrew’s Theological College and Seminary is an Anglican college and seminary that seeks to help the student in answering the call to ministry by providing the education they need to serve. The program is designed so that the majority of the student’s work can be done at home, either by independent study or by direct contact with their professor in a cyber classroom (for example, Skype) attended by your peers.


PDF of the The Book of Common Prayer 1928 USA edition. You can also purchase a hardback copy of it from Amazon.


The Cradle of Prayer streams the Daily Offices of of Morning Prayer and Evening Prayer as guided by the 1928 Book of Common Prayer. They last anywhere from 12 to 18 minutes and can be enjoyed from your own home, car, or wherever you may be.


Society of King Charles the Martyr commemorates the martyrdom of Charles I, King of England, Ireland and Scotland; and of France and Jerusalem also, by who death, on January, 30 1649 at Whitehall Palace, the Catholic Faith of the Anglican Communion was preserved from Puritan intentions. Charles I was canonized a Saint by the Convocations of Canterbury and York on January 30, 1661.

No Walls Community Day is a joint effort amongst Mathews County Ministers, Churches, and Community Leaders to pull our resources together to make an impact in our community. Our first effort is to supply backpacks and school supplies to school age students. We want to bless our young people, and also strengthen relationships across our community.

Open Doors has works in the world’s most oppressive countries, empowering Christians who are persecuted for their beliefs. Open Doors equips persecuted Christians in more than 60 countries through programs like Bible & Gospel Development, Women & Children Advancement and Christian Community Restoration.

The Voice of the Martyrs is a nonprofit, interdenominational Christian missions organization which has been dedicated for over 50 years to serving our persecuted family worldwide through practical and spiritual assistance and leading other members of the body of Christ into fellowship with them.